The Festival Blog Post

The Festival Blog Post

"Alright it's that time of the year you've been waiting for, for months now", 

No need to worry this year about figuring all your funds out, has you covered.

All our products pay for for themselves after a single use, and are reusable. With the exception of the Complete Bottle Caps (pictured).

Although in my opinion, these are one of our best and most economical products.

Simply remove the tamper seal from a 600ml water bottle, fill the water bottle with vodka / gin ect, then screw on one of our Complete Bottle Caps.

This will make the 'water bottle' appear factory sealed and brand new.

If you are looking at doing this in bulk, I recommend carefully stretching the packet around a 24 pack of water bottles, filling the bottles, then using a hair dryer to melt the plastic back to near original shape.

Happy smuggling.

Al Capone.


Pez - The Festival Song (feat. 360 & Hailey Cramer)